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Darmowy killer SQUAD ?
Elo ostatnio na steam zobaczyłem taką oto gierkę "Burst The Game" http://store.steampowered.com/app/615050..._The_Game/ strzelanka za darmo z pojazdami i nie małymi mapami, czyżby zbliża się darmowy "killer" SQUADA ? Xd
The war had blown up when the BURST terrorist group has started to attack government five years ago. They fought us using the weapons we had created to guarantee liberty. They started by attacking the internet. They then attacked most of the important government positions. The exchange stocks were rapidly falling as revolutions begun to burst. People had not enough money to recover from these assaults, so the government started to opt for extremist politics and made the people be even more revolted. Countries were torned as richest people took power using armed groups. The population started to flee in the countryside, forming communities and little groups fighting to have a small part of the freedom they had. Some groups were fighting against others; and some were trying to restore liberty.

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A połowa modeli pochodzi z Unreal Marketplace Tongue Mechaniki gry pewnie też kupione z tego sklepu.

Kolejny skok na kasę.

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